Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival Website!

The Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival (PNTSDF) provides opportunities for young people up to and including 19 years of age to meet and enjoy competition in Square Dancing, Calling, Round Dancing and Cueing along with an Exhibition Dancing category for all club members and their advisors and family members.

This Festival has been held annually since 1950 at various locations in the lower mainland areas of British Columbia and in Washington and Oregon States.

The PNTSDF is organized by a group of interested square and round dancers and leaders from both sides of the border on a completely volunteer basis.

Varying categories and levels of competition are provided, ranging from easy to very challenging and the award structure is arranged so as to provide a maximum of recognition for sincere effort at every level.

It is not necessarily how much a competitor knows about square dancing, but how well they can do those things they already know. "The object of the game is not simply to get from point 'X' to point 'Y' in as few steps as possible, but to cover the distance smoothly, comfortably and to the beat of the music. Rough dancing is not good dancing. Good dancing is smooth and effortless, allowing time for pleasure as one goes along."

Most entries come from British Columbia and the State of Washington, and more recently Alberta and the States of Oregon and Alaska, but are welcome from anywhere. Any organization, group or school that can assemble and train an entry is cordially invited to take part.