Andrew Huber Memorial
Youth Caller Education Scholarship

The Andrew Huber Youth Caller Education Scholarship is established to promote the professional development of youth square dance callers. It will be awarded during the award ceremony at The Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival.
Eligibility Requirements:
The recipient must meet all requirements to participate as a youth caller in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival, and be an active caller the year the award is presented.
Individuals must submit their names, age, level of calling, and years of calling, as well as a short one page essay (more than 200 and less than 500 words) on the topic of “What square dancing means to me and why I want to Call.”

Selection Process:
To be considered for the scholarship individuals must complete all submissions prior to the end of the Friday night dance at the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival. Submissions may be made by mail to: Dave & Sharon Boggs ATTN: Scholarship Program
P.O. Box 513 Beverly WA. (U.S.A.) 99321
Or electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last minute submissions will accepted in person up to the aforementioned deadline.
The recipient will be provided complete tuition (up to $500) for the Callerlab accredited caller’s school of their choice. This scholarship is established and fully funded for an initial term of ten years beginning in 2019. The recipient will have eighteen months from the date of presentation of the award to request payment to the school selected. All payments shall be made by the selection committee directly to the school selected by the recipient. If a request for payment is not made within the eighteen months allotted the scholarship will be considered forfeited with no further obligation required by the selection committee.